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Book Beta Program

On this site over the coming weeks and months you will find a number of chapters from the upcoming book from Tom Kyte and Wrox Press, Expert One-on-One Oracle Performance By Design. Tom wants your feedback! Click on the links below to read the chapters and the spec, then discuss them with Tom and other developers in our P2P forums:
  • View the latest version of the detailed book spec
  • Whereas most books concentrate 100% on being the hero developer who fixes a broken system, this book will focus on being a solid producer of quality output. Rather than heroically fixing a broken system, I will show how to build systems that do not break. Over time, the person that builds unbreakable systems is the real hero .

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  • Read the first draft of Chapter 3
  • This is an architectural level chapter about a) handling many concurrent users and b) handling storage space / large amounts of data, effectively. This is what Oracle was designed to do, so this chapter takes a look at some of the architectural ("macro-level") decisions that can help (or hinder) you in achieving the sort of scalability and performance of which Oracle is capable.

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  • Read the first draft of Chapter 4
  • This chapter is about optimizing "behind-the-scenes" processes; about making sure that the work you're getting Oracle to perform for you isn't an unnecessary drain on resources/performance.

    The chapter also looks at a new feature of Oracle 9i, automatic PGA memory management, and how this can optimize this process by allowing memory to be used differently as the load on the system grows and shrinks.

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The chapters are in Adobe's PDF format, and require Acrobat Reader version 5 or above to open correctly. A link to the Acrobat download site is provided on the left.

Expert One-on-One Oracle Performance By Design (ISBN 1-86100-826-0) will be available in all good bookshops in April 2003. If you would like to pre-order the book please visit Amazon.